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Kareol Murumuru
Kareol Murumuru

Hydration and volume control

Murumuru is an exotic Amazonian vegetable agent that provides many benefits to your hair. Its exclusive components will help you keep the hair hydrated and with excellent long-lasting volume control.

Kareol Murumuru gives to your hair maximum hydration thanks to its high content of fatty acids (like Omega 9) and natural phospholipids that allows us to offer a new hair care concept called Lipid Replacement. Recover your hair lipids and nutritional substances lost to external chemical aggressions, and naturally replenish its hydration, strength, shine, softness, and vitality, while gaining great hair volume control with its “Zero-frizz” ingredients.

Recommended for dehydrated, highly porous and frizzy hairs.

Kareol Murumuru

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