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Kareol is a new product alternative that suits the needs and current trends of the cosmetic sector. Its design and development upholds the highest standards of quality and technology on the premise of highly innovative processes and our commitment to environmental protection.

Our portfolio makes use of natural ingredients with proven efficacy in hair cosmetics that have been obtained through environmentally safe and socially responsible productive processes. Kareol includes natural agents like

Blueberries, Argan oil, Murumuru, Keratin, and French rose

Our portfolio combines natural ingredients with eco-friendly chemical agents that ensure the safety of your health and the environment. This is why our product lines do not contain sulfates, parabens, salts, and other chemicals that could damage the hair.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the new nature of your hair with Kareol!

About Us

We are UNIBELL, a company renowned for developing innovative products and for having the exclusive representation of prestigious international leading brands in order to meet the needs of the most discerning beauticians.

Our product lines – Lanosterín, Color Essence, and Reflex – offer products with the highest quality and most innovative technology that meet stringent technical requirements.

Thus, we provide different alternatives within a dynamic market formed by strong competitors. One of our main motivations is to constantly increase our quality standards and social responsibility in our production processes, activities, and services for our clients.

UNIBELL aims to develop the beauty market by fostering the creativity of beauty professionals, and providing them with top quality products for the best outcome that will result in a successful relationship with their clients.

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